Share your flights - FAQ

What does Touchdown look like?

This is an example of the logbook view for a private pilot. Click on the images to enlarge them. *

Online pilot logbook view

If you are a private pilot with a night or IFR rating, you can easily add those fields to the view via the settings page. The same goes for multi engine flights, flight instructor flights or any other type of flight. Touchdown is fully customizable in order to avoid screen clutter.

Since passenger information, pictures, videos and METAR information aren't a part of the logbook, that information can be found elsewhere, on the Details page. Note that the flights you share will have a similar look.

Online pilot logbook details view

Pilot logbook software details view

You can change all that information on the Administration page.

Edit flight data

Delete flight data

Delete flight videos

Delete flight slideshows

Where can I get any more help than this?

We've created some YouTube tutorials to get you going. Check out our Youtube channel to learn how to use our software. However, our biggest asset may be our personal help. If you still don't find what you are looking for with our tutorials, feel free to drop us an e-mail: info(at)touchdown-logbook(dot)com. We'll be more than glad to help you out.

I've found a bug. Where can I report it?

While our software has been thouroughly tested, constant web evolutions can sometimes cause bugs. If you think you've found one, send us an e-mail (info(at)touchdown-logbook(dot)com) providing us with this information:

  • Type of browser you're using

  • What you were trying to do when you encountered the bug

  • A screenshot or if possible the exact error message displayed

  • The e-mail address you used to log in

Without this information, it will be very hard for us to resolve the bug, so please be as precise and complete as possible.

Which browser should I use for Touchdown?

Touchdown has been designed for Google Chrome. The software should work in other browsers as Firefox and Internet Explorer too, but since we make use of new HTML5 features that aren't yet implemented in other browsers than Google Chrome, we strongly advise you to use the latest version of Google Chrome to enhance your user experience.

How do I upload pictures for my flights?

Touchdown allows you to upload pictures in a few clicks. Make sure however to keep a copy of your pictures on your computer, since Touchdown will resize them if they are too big. You can also embed Picasa and Flickr slideshows. Picasa and Flickr are a great and easy way to create slideshows of all your flight pictures.

Why can't I upload my videos to the site?

Videos take a lot of storage space. A 10 minute HD video easily takes up to 1 Gb of space. YouTube doesn't have any upload restrictions and is a very handy tool. Since you can embed your YouTube videos on your flight details pages in a few clicks, we've decided it would be better to make use of this possibility.

Does that mean I need a YouTube, a Picasa/Google+ and a Flickr account?

No. Both YouTube and Picasa/Google+ belong to Google, so you only need one YouTube/Google+/Gmail/Picasa account if you want to embed your videos and Picasa slideshows on Touchdown. Flickr requires a separate account, but just like the Google account, the Flickr account is free. Please note you only need an external account if you want to upload videos. Pictures can be uploaded to the Touchdown servers. A basic Touchdown account gives you 500 MB storage space for pictures and PDF documents.

I don't want my videos and photos to be public, can I still embed them on Touchdown?

Yes, you can embed as many private YouTube videos and Picasa slideshows as you want. They don't even need to be public. Set them on "private" and you'll hide them from public viewing, while still allowing Touchdown to access them. Just make sure you don't set them to "hidden", or it won't work.
If you want to upload pictures to Flickr, however, they need to be public in order to be able to include them in Touchdown.

Which service should I choose for my pictures? Picasa, Flickr or Touchdown?

There's no good or bad answer. All three have their advantages and their drawbacks.

  • 15 GB of free storage space, not deducted from the Touchdown storage space you paid for

  • Requires a Google account (Google+/Gmail/YouTube/Picasa)

  • The same account can be used to upload videos to YouTube


  • 1 TB of free storage space, not deducted from the Touchdown storage space you paid for

  • Requires a Flickr account

  • Pictures need to be public and visible to everyone on Flickr

  • Takes a lot of steps to embed the slideshow to Touchdown


  • The easiest and fastest way of adding pictures to your flights

  • Does not require extra accounts, unlike Picasa and Flickr

  • Pictures (and flight documents) can be added until your storage space is up (storage space depending on the package you've paid for)

My flight documents aren't in the pdf format, can I still upload them to Touchdown?

This can't be done for the moment. You can however make pdf files yourself with the freeware PDF Creator.

Where can I retreive old METAR information?

Ogimet is a very handy site to retreive old METAR information. This link is also mentioned on the admin page of your flights.

Can I print my logbook information?

You can make a pdf export of your legally required logbook information, according to the EASA standard.

Does Touchdown use cookies?

Cookies are a vital part of Touchdown. In fact, we need to enable cookies to secure your logbook information. Browsing with cookies disabled makes Touchdown unusable.

Can I upload my existing logbook to Touchdown?

If you already have an electronic logbook and want to upload it to Touchdown, please e-mail us to discuss this matter (info(at)touchdown-logbook(dot)com). Touchdown also allows you to register the totals of your previous logbook and takes those totals into account when calculating your new totals.

* Please note that mister Travolta doesn't endorse our software (at least, not that we know about). We just think he's a cool pilot and used his name to show you the possibilities of Touchdown.